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Method in Madness

I have over 15 years experience as a performer. Working as an actor, movement artist, and puppeteer. 


In recent years, as puppetry has evolved and grown in popularity, I have worked closely with the worlds largest vfx companies to facilitate their in-camera and reference puppetry needs. Most recently I have helped supervise, build, and perform within large scale productions for Warner Brothers, Netflix, HBO and BBC. With my work as CFX Supervisor and the Golden Monkey on His Dark Materials earning me a BAFTA for Special, Visual, and Graphic Effects. 


I am also available for both consultation and project development. With strong contacts in the industry on both performance and production. The world of VFX and Reference puppetry is an ever changing landscape. I can help your project plan and navigate the intricacies and help develop a dynamic and cost effective solution. 

I care deeply about the work I do and the people I work with. I want projects to see their full potential. I bring a vast level of experience and passion into my work.


No problem is too small. No budget too big. 

Detective Pikachu Behind the Scenes
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